Salt Scrubs



Elegant ultra-pure scrub with only 3 ingredients!! This Sea Salt / Jojoba Oil Salt Scrub leaves your skin silky smooth with a bright, healthy glow and the enticing fragrances that stays with you all day

Margo's new Salt Scrub packaging has 33% more product than it had in the original packaging!  It's In a 12 oz jar, but weighs about a pound!

Benefits of Margo's Salt Scrubs:

*  Exfoliates your skin better than any other scrub with it's fine, but aggressive Salts!

*  Natural antioxidant/moisturizer protection from the Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil penetrates your skin better than any other oil and provides an antioxidant moisture barrier on your skin for up to 8 hours where no moisture can get out and no pollution or free radicals can get in!

*  Hydrotherapy Detoxifying Treatment when following the 'bath' instructions

*  Fragrance that lasts on you all day

*  The ultimate soft & smooth skin

*  Peace of mind knowing how pure and good for your skin Margo's Scrubs are!  



Here is a recent write up from August 28th from Heather Wainscott's blog called "I'm Not in Kansas Anymore":

To read Heather's review from her blogspot on August 28th, her favorite things, click on this link:


4. Favorite Body Scrub

GIRLS - Trust me on this one. This product is UNBELIEVABLE! I love some bath products.... Bath and Body, The Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, expensive, name it - I will buy it! But this product takes the cake. Margo's Sea Salt Scrub is out of this world. Not the cheapest...but oh so worth it. The scent alone will rope you in. After you get over the delicious smell, you then exfoliate your whole body, gently soak for 5-10 minutes in the tub and finally rinse off. HELLO?!?!?! - It's like you have stepped out of the Ritz-Carlton Spa. Trust me on this one.... And thank you Michelle Davitt for buying me my first Margo's product! I have since ordered A LOT more..... Feel free to mail me more here in LA.